DLA Piper Salary Cuts

DLA Piper has made deeper cuts in salaries than originally reported, according to Above the Law.

Comment #100 appears to be from an insider who is lamenting DLA Piper’s decision to get big for the purpose of getting big. I’m not sure whether this is true or even the author of the comment is at DLA Piper – many of those making comments appear to be a little nuts – but the commentary is interesting.

I read the Maryland Daily Record Blog frequently, but I have not yet saved in on my favorites. If you Google “Maryland Daily Record Blog” to find it like I do, the first thing that comes up is the report on DLA Piper’s decision to raise starting salaries in January 2008. That now seems like 1000 years ago. But it reminds us that a lot of smart people did not see this economy coming. Jon Stewart’s wildly entertaining interview with Jim Cramer ignored the fact that only a handful of people saw this coming. Moreover, I think notwithstanding Comment #100’s points, big firms like DLA Piper will turn around when the economy does and everyone will forget all of this.