Darrell Issa and Malpractice Reform

The Huffington Post reports that Congressman Darrell Issa sent a statement to reporters headlined: “First Question for President Obama: Did You Lie About Moving Forward on Malpractice Reform?”

All of which begs the question: who is Darrell Issa? Honestly, he sounds made up. On a multiple-choice question, I would have guessed the American Idol contestant. But I would get the question right now and I’ll remember him as the guy who distorted what the President said on medical malpractice.

This congressman is in favor of ignoring the independence of the judiciary because he thinks malpractice reform is more important than upholding the separation of powers that I’m sure he otherwise believes is sacrosanct. I disagree for lots of reasons, but people smarter than I believe we need malpractice reform so I’m not attacking the view. But does anyone think the President of the United States actually lied because he promised to support malpractice reform? You can’t change the words around what someone says – “defensive medicine” to “malpractice reform” and then accuse them of lying. Particularly if the person you are accusing is the President of the United States.

Note for the record: I took a lot of exception to President Bush’s policy. But I never thought he was a liar, and I never liked the “he just doesn’t care” nonsense. The temptation to make everything personal seems to be a trap too many politicians fall into regularly.