Claim Against Governor Schaefer’s Estate

A disbarred lawyer has filed a claim against Governor/Mayor/Maryland Icon William Donald Schaefer’s estate, claiming he was a caretaker for Schaefer since 2006.

The Plaintiff – I guess he is a plaintiff; he filed a claim with the Baltimore County Register of Wills – claims he took Schaefer out for meals and civic appearances three times a week beginning in September 2006 through the former governor’s death in April.

Here’s why I think the claim fails. The Plaintiff would have to answer the question: Why would Schaefer pay him to hang out with him when he had a deep bullpen of sycophants around who would have been glad to take his place? I think his “Well, why was Charlie Sheen paying for hookers?” argument will fail.

I could not find a story on this in the Baltimore Sun. Is the Sun sleeping, or do they think the claim should not be dignified with a story? I put the odds at even money on both possibilities.