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Byetta Lawsuits Coming Down the Pike

Eli Lilly and Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. reported yesterday after the close of business that there were reports of four new deaths in patients taking Byetta.

Last week, the FDA announced that two Byetta patients died of acute pancreatitis. Interestingly, Lilly said the FDA was aware of the additional deaths but did not make the findings public them because they involved a milder form of pancreatitis, and the FDA was “concentrating on the more severe forms of the condition….”

Does this logic make sense to anyone but Lily, Amylin, and the FDA? Get the information out there so doctors and patients can make informed choices about Byetta.

The medical director also said that the media coverage of the deaths with Byetta “tended to be a bit sensationalized,” noting that there has only been one report of pancreatitis for every 3,000 patients taking Bayetta for one year. He failed to note that this is a notoriously under-reported event.

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