Baltimore Mayor Shelia Dixon and Bill Clinton

You have to admire Shelia Dixon and Bill Clinton for a least one thing: cool under fire. In the middle of Monica Lewensky (I’ve misspelled her name because I’ve forgotten her) debacle, Clinton buckled his chin strap everyday and went to work. Shelia Dixon clearly has the same inner strength plugging along every day. I can’t stand her and like and admire her all at the same time.

What is funny is that I think this whole debacle with her chief of staff getting charged with hitting his ex-girlfriend is actually a good thing for Dixon.

By the way, Wikipedia tells us Monica Lewinsky is actually out there working hard for us lawyers. She graduated from the London School of Economics (I know, insane). He graduate thesis was titled “In Search of the Impartial Juror: An Exploration of the Third-person Effect and Pre-Trial Publicity.” I’ve read it and it is absolutely amazing. (Okay, I’m making that part up.) Even if she wrote it like John Kennedy wrote Profiles in Courage, I’m still impressed she got into the London School of Business. I really can’t imagine she got in because of her high profile history (but maybe I’m naive).

Who knew?