Baltimore Lawyer’s Lawsuit Against City Settled for $200,000

The nice thing about personal injury and other claims against Baltimore City: public record lets you know exactly how they turn out. The Maryland Daily Record reports that Baltimore City Solicitor George A. Nilson has released the details of the city’s recent settlement with one of its former lawyers who had sued for wrongful termination, alleging race was a factor in his November 2003 firing.

Interestingly, the Plaintiff claimed his black supervisors in the Baltimore City law department and the police department treated him poorly and disciplined him harshly because he is white. Whether this is actually what happened, I have no idea. I don’t know what evidence was presented. Stating the manifestly obvious, American history has been almost exclusively filled with the exact opposite type of discrimination.

An unusual settlement to say the least: Of the $200,000 payment the Baltimore Board of Estimates is expected to approve today, $150,000 will go toward Plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs and $50,000 will go to Healthcare for the Homeless, a charity just a few blocks from Baltimore’s City Hall.

First, the cool thing is designating proceeds to charity. The odd thing is all the money not going to charity is going to attorneys’ fees. But the Plaintiff is now an employment lawyer in Rockville, so my guess is that he is handling his own case. Why the settlement would be couched as attorneys’ fees is a mystery to me.