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Baltimore County Circuit Court Applicants

The Maryland Daily Record reports on the applicants for the Baltimore County Circuit Court post created by Judge Dana Levitz’s retirement: Baltimore County Circuit Court District Court Judges Jan M. Alexander, Nancy M. Purpura, G. Darrell Russell Jr. and Philip N. Tirabassi; Administrative Law Judge Yvette N. Diamond; S. Ann Brobst, an assistant state‚Äôs attorney; public defenders Jennifer B. Aist and Sherrie R. Bailey; and lawyers John A. Austin, Mauricio E. Barreiro, Harold L. Burgin, John J. Condliffe, Emmet C. Davitt, Daniel J. Dregier Jr., Justin J. King, Robert W. Lazzaro; Robert C. Morgan, John J. Nagle III, Francis A. Pommett III, Paul D. Raschke, Paul W. Spence and Keith R. Truffer.

The winner gets an annual salary of $140,352, great benefits and the opportunity to be driven crazy on a daily basis by Maryland trial lawyers.