Alleged Maryland Lottery Winner Hires New Lawyer

The Baltimore woman who says she has the winning Maryland Multi-Million (or whatever it is called) lottery held a news conference with her lawyer yesterday.

Her lawyer went after the media:

I cannot say with any certainty that this ticket exists and I would caution anybody, until it’s presented to the lottery commission for processing, that it does exist. We are only preparing in the event that people might challenge what we believe to be a legitimate claim….
“I think the easiest way to be over with all this is for you all to go home and then when we get ready, Ms. Wilson gets ready then we can do what she desires to do. I think that sometimes there are external forces that work on us, that push us into situations that we just have to deal with. And this is one of them. I don’t know where it came from. I can’t identify who it was. But I do know that it has to be dealt with in a way that the law affords her due process.

I would do a rant about the different levels this is insane. But, really, we all get it, right?