Posted On: September 29, 2009 by Ronald V. Miller, Jr.

Yaz Birth Control Lawsuit Links

  • Yaz to stay on the market in Switzerland
  • FitSugar talks about the Yaz lawsuits
  • News Inferno reports on Yaz, discussing a Dutch study in the British Medical Journal that found "6.3-fold increase in venous thrombosis – a life-threatening type of blood clot – in women taking drospirenone contraceptives compared with women not taking any type of pill."
  • The New York Times talks about the PR blow to Bayer as a result of the new information coming about about Yaz. “But even if Bayer can adequately respond to the safety and other concerns, some industry analysts say that the avalanche of criticism could tarnish the Yaz line’s image.”
  • My Sex Professor writes about the Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella controversy.
  • FiercePharma writes about the Yaz lawsuits, offering both plaintiffs' lawyers' argument and Bayer's defense of Yaz.

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