Posted On: December 16, 2008 by Ronald V. Miller, Jr.

Baltimore County Circuit Court Applicants

The Maryland Daily Record reports on the applicants for the Baltimore County Circuit Court post created by Judge Dana Levitz's retirement: Baltimore County Circuit Court District Court Judges Jan M. Alexander, Nancy M. Purpura, G. Darrell Russell Jr. and Philip N. Tirabassi; Administrative Law Judge Yvette N. Diamond; S. Ann Brobst, an assistant state’s attorney; public defenders Jennifer B. Aist and Sherrie R. Bailey; and lawyers John A. Austin, Mauricio E. Barreiro, Harold L. Burgin, John J. Condliffe, Emmet C. Davitt, Daniel J. Dregier Jr., Justin J. King, Robert W. Lazzaro; Robert C. Morgan, John J. Nagle III, Francis A. Pommett III, Paul D. Raschke, Paul W. Spence and Keith R. Truffer.

The winner gets an annual salary of $140,352, great benefits and the opportunity to be driven crazy on a daily basis by Maryland trial lawyers.